Quiz Examen Google Adwords Fundamentals – Série 2


Grâce à ces 50 questions, entraînez-vous à l’examen Adwords Fundamentals. Les questions sont issues du test réel Adwords Fundamentals en Anglais. Les réponses vous sont données au fur et à mesure mais vous pouvez accéder directement à toutes les réponses de la certification Adwords Fundamentals

Question #1: In the case of a placement targeted ad on the Google Display Network, the Quality Score portion of calculating Ad Rank is based on:


Question #2: What happens when an advertiser sets a daily budget lower than the recommended amount, using the « Standard » delivery method?

Question #3: You can use Display Planner to:

Question #4: If an advertiser improves the Quality Score of a keyword, this keyword may:

Question #5: The maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid is the :

Question #6: When sitelinks are set at both the campaign and ad group level, which will be displayed?

Question #7: Which formula represents how Ad Rank is determined on Google search?

Question #8: An advertiser looking to drive conversions is using manual cost-per-click (CPC) bidding. Which factor should be most important for this advertiser when deciding keyword bids are decided?

Question #9: ) What should an advertiser use to organize ad groups?

Question #10: Advertisers on Google search accrue cost in AdWords when:

Question #11: A primary benefit of location targeting is that advertisers can :

Question #12: Quality Score and Ad Rank are calculated :

Question #13: With the Smart Pricing feature in Display, if our data shows that a click from a Google Display Network page is less likely to turn into an actionable business result – such as an online sale, registration, phone call, or newsletter sign-up – we may:

Question #14: What is the impact of poor landing page quality on an ad group?

Question #15: You are managing a campaign where budget is unlimited as long as ROI is positive, but something still limits how much you are able to effectively invest. What is it? Choose the most closely related answer

Question #16: On the Display Network, all keywords are considered broad match only. This means that you do not need to :

Question #17: Higher Quality Scores typically lead to:

Question #18: An advertiser wants to increase clickthrough rate (CTR). Which would help to eliminate irrelevant impressions?

Question #19: A My Client Center (MCC) account functions primarily as:

Question #20: Which is a best practice for creating effective ad text ?

Question #21: Jims restaurant is launching a new campaign and would like greater exposure on mobile devices to attract users on the go. How can this be done?

Question #22: Someone using the Google Russian search domain ( changes the language to English on the « preferences » page. This user may see ads targeted to:

Question #23: Which is a factor that Google uses to target ads to users based on physical location ?

Question #24: Which are required components of an ad group running on the Search Network ?

Question #25: When setting up an AdWords account, choose your currency and permanent time zone carefully because:

Question #26: Ad groups should be used to:

Question #27: The Opportunities tab with AdWords can be used to:

Question #28: A bilingual user searches on (the Google U.S. domain) and has set Spanish as the preferred Google interface language. In order to target this particular user, which campaign language setting should an advertiser use?

Question #29: Why should you avoid adding duplicate keywords across ad groups?

Question #30: Which best describes keyword contextual targeting?

Question #31: It is important to identify special offers like « free shipping » before building an AdWords campaign in order to:

Question #32: Quality Score on Google search is evaluated

Question #33: Location extensions can:

Question #34: Which can be controlled at the ad-group level of an AdWords account?

Question #35: Which is a benefit of AdWords for search marketing?

Question #36: When a campaign is showing as « Pending » within AdWords, it is:

Question #37: Negative keywords can help advertisers refine the targeting of their ads, and potentially increase:

Question #38: If the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) option is not available for a campaign, the most likely reason is that the campaign:

Question #39: Which is an example of a consideration an advertiser should make when establishing AdWords advertising goals?

Question #40: An advertiser adds negative keywords to an ad group within a search campaign. This means that the ad will not show if the negative keywords:

Question #41: What type of bidding method is used to manage image ads on the Google Display Network?

Question #42: What happens as a result of a search campaign consistently meeting its daily budget?

Question #43: What happens when a campaign consistenly meets its average daily budget?

Question #44: What best describes Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC)

Question #45: Grouping similar keywords together in an ad group will:

Question #46: Which potential factor does Google use to calculate a search campaigns recommended daily budget?

Question #47: If your ad serving option is set to « optimize » and there are multiple variations of your text ads within the same ad group, AdWords will:

Question #48: You have been targeting the entire United States in your scuba diving equipment ad campaign, but you know that much of the scuba equipment that is sold to customers in Hawaii. What would be the most efficient way to optimize your campaign and measure the impact of an optimization?

Question #49: With social extensions, how are +1s calculated for your ad and Google+ page

Question #50: Your ad is live on Google search, and you want to continue to check it over time to see if it is still running. Why is it advised that you use the AdPreview and Diagnosis took, instead of doing searches to find your ad on

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